4 Reasons to use Biometric Attendance Machine

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The Biometrics technologies used to measure and analyze personal characteristics, both physiological and behavioral. These characteristics include fingerprints, voice patterns, hand measurements, irises and others, all used to identify human characteristics and to verify identity. These biometrics or characteristics are tightly connected to an individual and cannot be forgotten, shared, stolen or easily hacked. These characteristics can uniquely identify a person, replacing or supplementing traditional security methods by providing two major improvements: personal biometrics cannot be easily stolen and an individual does not need to memorize passwords or codes.

  1. Transparency-These technologies allow an employer an unparalleled means of knowing who was doing what, and when they were doing it and others in charge of large groups the ability to know who is in attendance at any given point in time. Hence biometrics help in making the attendance system of a company transparent restricting any fraud in the attendance.


  1. Saves time-Use of biometric devices saves a lot of time that is required while managing the attendance manually. With the biometric devices the employee has to just punch in when he comes and punch out when he goes, the total time is calculated automatically and whenever the employer needs a report he/she can download it from the machine and view it. Today some HR management software like HRStop that are integrated with biometric machines and allows the employer to see the attendance of the employees on his system within 10 seconds.


  1. Saves Money- Installing biometric devices is one time investment that an employer needs to make that caters his needs for years. Hence an employer need hire a person to manage the attendance and need not worry regarding fake attendance. Hence biometric devices not only make things easier for the employees but also help them save money.


  1. Enhances Punctuality- Use of biometric devices enhance the punctuality of the employees. Employees being aware that they cannot fake their attendance even if they come late makes them reach office on time daily. Hence it helps in increasing the productivity as the employee makes sure that he works for the number of hours he/she is entitled to.

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