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Unlocking your beliefs

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Once upon a time, a battle was going on in Japan. One army was greatly outnumbered by army men of the enemy. General of the army with a smaller number of soldiers was confident that they could win that battle and decided to launch an attack. He called upon his lieutenant and asked him to prepare ...

Advice of Wise

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Once near a pond was a very big tree. There lived a big group of swans. In that group lived an old swan who was very wise, intelligent and far-sighted. Everyone around respected him. One day, the old swan saw a small vine wrapped at the bottom of the tree trunk. He called other swans and ...

Breaking Things Down

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Chanakya was insulted at King Nanda’s kingdom and he wanted to take revenge for his insult. Soon, he met a child name Chandragupta who was bright. Chanakya started to teach him. He collected enough money to raise an army for Chandragupta. He taught them about battle strategies and taught Chandragupta all about the rights and duties ...

Learning from Mistakes

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Once a famous scientist was interviewed by a reporter. Reported asked him, "What do you think sets you apart from others?” He replied, “I think it all came from an experience that occurred in my childhood. When I was 3 years old, I was trying to get a bottle of milk from the refrigerator and while ...

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