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Lets Achieve Together – 5

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Once upon a time, there was a lovely vegetable patch, on which grew a very leafy tree. Both the patch and the tree gave the place a wonderful appearance and were the pride and joy of the garden's owner. What no one knew was that the vegetables in the patch and the tree couldn't stand ...

Lets Achieve Together – 4

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Once, a group of boys decided to play a proper soccer game. Each one of them would bring something used in professional matches. So one would bring the ball, another the whistle, another the goalposts, others the goalkeeper gloves, the corner flags, etc. But before the game started, while they were picking the teams, there was ...

Lets Achieve Together – 3

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One night, a hedgehog was scanning the sky with his telescope, when he saw what seemed to be a spaceship flying to the moon. When he managed to properly focus on it, he found out that it was a craft belonging to an unfortunate Martian who seemed to have had an accident, and had to ...

Lets Achieve Together – 2

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The day finally arrived. It was time for the great acrobatic balloon competition. Every insect in the garden had been training hard, and now they were preparing to begin their routines. Each time, the flying insects were favorites to win, because they could grab the balloon strings and fly off in all directions, creating all sorts ...

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