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Lets Achieve More – 11

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Two brothers worked together on the family farm. One was married and had a large family. The other was single. At the day’s end, the brothers shared everything equally, produce and profit. Then one day the single brother said to himself, “It’s not right that we should share equally the produce and the profit. I’m alone ...

Lets Achieve More – 12

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There was a frog who was bold enough to ask if two geese would take him south with them. At first they resisted because they didn’t know how they could make it work. The frog being fairly bright suggested that they take a stick and hold it in their mouths and he would hang towards the ...

Lets Achieve More – 10

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One day it occurred to The Members (parts) of the Body that they were doing all of the work while the Belly got all of the food. They believed the Belly was lazy and unproductive. It was decided that they would hold a meeting that evening to discuss how unfair this seemed. After what was a ...

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