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Lets Achieve Together – 8

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Once upon a time, in a small city, there was an empty storybook. The book looked great, with an impressive cover, but all its pages were blank. Children and grown-ups would pick up the book with anticipation, but finding no stories inside, they would cast the book aside. Not far from there, a lovely inkwell had ...

Let’s Achieve Together – 7

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On Noah's Ark, things were getting a bit boring. Noah and his animals had spent so many days secluded there that they started organizing games and activities to amuse themselves. But, with all that spent up energy, the games got rather rowdy, and a woodpecker ended up drilling a hole in the bottom of the ...

Lets Achieve Together – 6

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Once upon a time in a jungle lived 2 good friends - the monkey and the elephant. One day an unusual quarrel broke between the two about who was better. While the elephant advocated it was better to be strong, the monkey was adamant that being fast and agile was better. Unable to resolve the matter, ...

Lets Achieve Together – 5

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Once upon a time, there was a lovely vegetable patch, on which grew a very leafy tree. Both the patch and the tree gave the place a wonderful appearance and were the pride and joy of the garden's owner. What no one knew was that the vegetables in the patch and the tree couldn't stand ...

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