Be Proactive

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Amy visited the bank in order to deposit a cheque for a due payment. The procedure was quite simple but she decided to cross check it with the attendant so as to avoid cheque bounce back. The attendant being a fresh employee (Amy could judge it from the face look and the communication approach) wasn’t sure about it. She called her manager for assistance. The manager, a nice ethical young man, elaborated the details about the form filling. Amy understood it and thanked him for his time. However, Amy noticed that while the manager was explaining the procedure to her, the attendant got busy in something else and didn’t pay attention to her manager nor the manager asked her to listen vigilantly to understand the procedure.

Amy completed her work in the bank and pondered that the manager had taken the corrective methodology instead of preventive methodology. Hence there is a big-time chance that the attendant would call her manager again in future and every time the manager will have to leave his desk, come to the attendant point and explain the same procedure to more customers in future.

This he could have avoided by teaching the procedure to the ‘right person’, the attendant. This extra work would cause a disturbance in his routine work and waste his precious time to complete the jobs he has been primarily hired for !!!

This could have also been avoided if the attendant was proactive about learning the right procedures. This would have enhanced her knowledge set and opened up doors for more learning and better roles in future.

Moral: It’s easy to brush your shoulders off your responsibilities and rely on someone else for your tasks. That someone might also help you due to corrective approach. But this simply kills your own prospects of growing as a human. However, by being proactive towards your responsibilities and following the preventive approach, you can prevent problems from occurring in the first place. This approach will also generate a lot of value for yourself.

The most important thing in this highly competitive world is action, and you just need to take matters in your hand, create your own possibilities, and be proactive. Whether it is your career or personal life, get going; take charge; make it happen; BE PROACTIVE!

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