Being Judgemental

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Once upon a time, a man took three blind kids to a nearby jungle. These kids had never heard about an elephant. The man was excited to know their expressions/ opinions.

The first kid touched the elephant from the tail and commented that the elephant was hairy and thin.

The second kid touched the elephant from legs and concluded that the elephant was very fat and unmovable thing.

The third kid touched the elephant from the trunk and said that the elephant was a curvy moving object.

The man was hugely surprised with the opinions of the kids on the same elephant. What the kids said was not right. They had almost instantaneously formed their opinions on the elephant without trying to know more about the elephant. In reality, the elephant was very different from what they had been thinking.

Flash: Many times, in our lives, personal as well as professional, we behave just like these kids; that is, giving instantaneous conclusive comments about people/ situation/responsibilities bestowed to us, instead of judging them properly.

Moral: Looks could be deceptive. Hence, don’t conclude immediately. Allow your brain to think/ analyze people/ situation before getting judgemental about them.


Judging a person/ situation does not define who they are… it defines who you are !!!

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