Birthdays at the Workplace

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Group of happy friends with cocktails toasting at partyBirthday is a day just for us and we only celebrate it once a year! Although most of us want it to be recognized and celebrated, some do want it to just pass by like a normal day, however everyone wants to feel special on this day – a day especially for them. Birthday is obviously a time for celebration, but there’s sometimes a fine line between keeping celebrations fun yet office-appropriate. Plus, for many companies, though acknowledging employees’ birthdays is a great way to make them feel recognized, it can be hard for everyone to spare time to truly get into the celebration. We’ve found that you can have the best of both worlds, though. Here’s how to celebrate employee birthdays while still keeping the office (mostly) productive:


1. Multiple Birthdays on One Day

This is one of the best ways if you want to spend some real time celebrating employee birthdays. Consider taking out time once a month – perhaps on the last Friday – for celebrating all of the employee birthdays occurring on that month. An once-a-month celebration won’t hinder anyone’s performance, and celebrating all the birthdays makes it a group event – even the ones who don’t want their birthdays to be celebrated at the workplace, can join in the event to celebrate the birthday of their colleagues falling on the same month as them. Encourage everyone in the workplace to take time away from their desks for the party – all of the employees deserve a break every now and then!

2. Some Birthday Treats

Birthday celebrations and sugary treats go hand-in-hand. Arrange a cake or cupcakes or cookies for the celebration. You can also arrange for some desserts loved by the birthday guy or girl around lunch hour. People can set up for 20 to 30 minutes during lunch before getting back to work. A potluck-type celebration can also be encouraged where everybody brings in their own favorite treats. This is a great way to celebrate as it will not only provide enough for everyone but you will also have various food choices and discussions – and who doesn’t love more food!

3. Store Birthday Cards

Just something as simple as a birthday card can make the whole difference for the day for an employee. Not only does it show that the office cares but it also solves the purpose of quietly appreciating the employee without disruptive the office work during the day. You can keep the card in a safe spot and send an office-wide email for everyone to sign it. Then, present the card at the end of the day when everyone’s wrapping up work anyways. Remember, there is a celebration coming at the end of the month anyways, this is something special for that particular day for that appreciated employee.

4. Decorate Their Desk

According to me, this is one of the best ways to honor the employee if you can pull it off. You can bring in some easily available items like balloons or streamers or table-top party decorations and brighten their desk even before they get to work in the morning. That person will feel remembered and loved, and they will most probably spend the whole day at their newly transformed desk – kudos for the company!

5. Collect Funds

At the end of the day the funds used should also be kept tracked of. We don’t want one employee spending much more than others and feeling dissatisfied at the end of the day. Keep a departmental fund or you can simply ask all the employee to chip in a particular amount for the event. Follow a certain trend on collecting the funds, whether it be departmental or through employees, and keep it in practice throughout. This will help habituate everyone to the birthday trends and no one will feel out of place or overburdened.

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