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HRStop has released its mobile app that will help users to go mobile with thier account. We the HRStop Team understands how important it is for the users to avail the services of HR portal in case one is out and does not has access to devices other then Mobile phones.

To download the mobile app of HRStop click on the following link, install the app and enjoy the services from app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greatdevelopers.hrstop

Today in the world when every thing is going mobile, it is important for HRStop users to avail the services with basic options like -

  • Home - On the home screen one has option to mark the attendance, but one can only see the attendance marking option if the setting of “Disable Mobile based attendance” is not enabled for the company and if the setting is enabled then there will be a message saying “Your company’s mobile attendance is disabled.”
  • Apply leave - Apply leave screen enables the user to apply for a leave where he can select the leave type, select the leave duration by selecting end and start date and also give the reason for leave and submit it for approval.
  • Approve Leave(Admins and Reporting Managers) - Approve leaves will show the leave list to the admins and reporting managers for employees under them with details like leave applied by, applied for duration, applied for reason and option to accept or reject the leave.
  • Holidays - Holidays of the company that are defined can now be viewed through the mobile app and one does not have to ask anyone to confirm about company holidays.
  • Birthdays - Birthdays will enable you to view and remember birthdays of employees of your organization with  details like Employee name, Designation, Department and Birthday Date.
  • Work Anniversaries - Work anniversaries will show the list of recent 10 employees who are going to complete 1 new year with the company based on thier joining dates. One can see the Employee name with the date of joining, department ,designation and the no of years he/she will complete in the organization.
  • Profile - Under profile one can change his/her profile picture and can also change the password of the account.

Not only have the above options, but also manage your session of mobile with web, this can help you as in case of theft/lost of mobile or if account was not logged out from a  device, then an option of log-out is provided via web.



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