Government is using online real time attendance, why aren’t you ?

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In today’s world when everything is getting online and people are running towards cloud based solution in order to automate things, the the Government of India also took the initiative to make the attendance system for central government employees online where administration can keep the track of employees in real time from anywhere.

HRStop is providing the real time online attendance from past 3 years, where an organisation just needs to have a bio-metric device installed at that place for employees to do punch out and punch in. The management can keep a track of employees attendance and get an online report of employees with thier attendance status like Late, Absent, Present, Early Left.

Not only bio-metric attendance, HRStop also enables employees  to have option to mark attendance via mobile app with real time geographical location against each punch and web attendance from thier accounts where the company admin can impose restriction based on Ip.

Go online with the employees attendance and match the government in monitoring employees from any where in the world.

Use HRStop to go online with your attendance and see the difference in punctuality of employees in the organization .

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