Harmony with goals

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One day master was watching a practice session in the courtyard. All the students were doing their practices. Among all those students he noticed that there was one young man who was trying to perfect his technique but he is not able to work on that move properly and it seemed to master that young man was getting disturbed by the presence of other students.

Master could sense that the young man’s frustration and went up to him and tapped on his shoulder. He questioned him, “What’s bothering you?”
Young man replied with a strained expression, “I don’t know. I don’t understand why I am not able to execute this move properly. No matter how much I try.”

Master replied, “Listen, before you can master the technique, you should understand Harmony. Come with me, I will explain you how you can do that?”

Master and student left the building and walked some distance into the forest until they reached a stream. After reaching there, they stood silently on the bank of the stream for some time.

After a while master spoke to the young man pointing at the stream, “Look at the stream. See there are rocks in its way. Does it slam them out of frustration? No. It will not slam those rocks but instead, the stream will simply flow around them and move on. Be like water and you will know what Harmony is.”

The young man understood master’s advise and went back to the courtyard to practice his move and this time, he concentrated his focus on move and barely notice other students around him and then he was able to execute the perfect move and master that technique.

Moral: If we want to Achieve our Goal then we must try to get in Harmony with ourselves and not let the presence of other people bother us.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe and is able to turn invisible into the visible!!

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