How to increase the retention of Fresher’s in the organization.

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One of the biggest problem that organizations face today is the retention of the fresher’s in the organization.
It is observed that organizations recruit fresher’s in large numbers and by the end of the training or say in 6-8 months only few of them actually stick to the organization.

How organizations deal with this
Suppose an organization has a requirement of 50 employees, so the HR analyses previous years data and does a backward planning and the plan is-
To retain 50 employees we need to recruit 250 people and to recruit 250 people we need to interview 5000 people.
Organizations have such a mindset because of the increasing trend of the fresher’s of switching jobs very early.

What mindset Fresher’s have
Now how these newly college graduates think, they analyze the trend of the organizations. They see that a organization has recruited 500 people in bulk and by the end of 5-6 months there are only 50 people out of those 500 left. Hence they come to a conclusion that let us take a job and as soon as we get a better job we’ll leave the organization.

This was something about the mindset of the organization and the fresher we were talking about. If we ignore the mindsets, still we see that fresher’s walk in and walk out very quickly. Now what can be the reason behind this?

  1. Transition- The newly graduate fresher’s face problem in the transition from college life to corporate life. There is a 180 degrees change in their daily routine which becomes difficult for them to adapt and hence in search of some better opportunity, which they feel they will get in some other organization they switch their jobs.
  2. Attitude- Generally the young blood has a swift attitude towards work. There is lack of patience in them, they want to learn everything in a day and then execute, and they want to go up the ladder very quickly. This swift attitude resists them from learning which is essential part while working in an organization.
    Hence when things take time they feel they are wasting their time and leave the organization. When they realize this fact they have already switched 3-4 jobs.
  3. Ownership & Accountability- Taking ownership and being accountable for the work is something the youth lacks. The Fresher’s have an attitude of being defensive, and this defensiveness makes them avoid responsibility. They take themselves a baby for the organization and feel that the organization won’t hold them accountable and this is where they go wrong and the here these start losing their value in the organization.

 Now let talk about the solutions or measures which can be taken to resolve these issues-

On analyzing the present situation the need of the hour is that both parties, Organization and Fresher’s both need to change their mindset about each other only then the further planning and steps would work for the good of both.

For Fresher’s-
They need to first change their attitude towards work. They need to act more responsible, be proactive. What they need to work upon is to control and direct their energy in the right direction. The youth has a lot of potential and energy but they waste it in the initial stage of their career in doing stuffs that are not important. Its time that Fresher’s should realize that in the initial stages they should work for experience and not money. Once they have an experience of 1-2 years then they can surely think upon the money part but for initial stage experience and learning should be the priority and that too by giving their 100% to what they do, because you cannot learn until you do. Young talent should keep one thing in their mind i.e. “be an asset for the organization, you won’t be an option for them

For Organizations-
They should start believing in Fresh talent and create a platform for these fresh talents to showcase their work. Organizations must give responsibilities to the new recruits having faith in them. Sometimes a leap of faith is taken first and the trust factor comes later. This would help the organization build a strong relationship with its employees and they will have the trust of their employees. Trust factor is very important between the Employee and Employer because a lack of trust in these parties give rise to a situation called “finding options”.
Organization should introduce a new pattern of appraisal’s, for example quarterly appraisal’s based on performance. Apart from appraisals, a culture of monthly RnR will help in keeping the motivation of the new recruits.
Organizations can adapt the culture of having some fun time every last working day of the week. This will make people feel like human and not machines working for an organization.
There is just one simple technique, take care of the experience of each and every employee and they won’t leave you.

  • Rashmi
    June 10, 2014

    Very true.

    What I appreciate the most is the fact that the blog is written by a fresher. Good to see freshers are learning to take responsibilities and have started understanding that “Knowledge is the key to success” and to gain knowledge, freshers actually have to work harder rather than switch jobs.

  • Deependra Singh
    June 10, 2014

    great !!

  • Divyanshi Pandey
    June 11, 2014

    This is an amazing blog for employee retention. However I would like to add one thing in terms of organisations giving monthly RnR . It would be better if they could make it for a longer period of time so the value proposition of the RnR remains intact . It is quite possible that the employees after a certain time start taking it as a monotonous monthly affair . The motivation boost can be in the monthly update of the organisation where progress assessment of every member could be done the ones who have not performed would start taking initiatives and the ones already doing good would do better.
    At the end of the day every contribution matters.

  • shruti singh
    June 11, 2014

    Great work..! Depiction of owner and employee perception is very true and having worked in an organisation I agree monthly RnR and celebration is a great way to increase employees motivation.

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