How to restart when stuck



You know we all have come across this situation, not once but many times, that we have sat down in front of our computer or whatever task we had to work on, knowing that we needed to do something but were unable to make ourselves do it! Right? And somehow there is always something more urgent: like talking to somebody urgently or doing something else which was more urgent than what we were currently doing. But by the time you look up hours have passed.

You cringe thinking ‘What hell is really going on?’

Well first of all, work is hard. It takes effort. Some days that alone is enough to unsettle us for a (hopefully) short period of time.


Most of the times we fail to understand that the cause is usually one of the two things.

1. You don’t want do the task or

2. You are afraid you can’t. Or both

This happened with me!! And now i have kind of figured out that the reason was the second one. I was afraid that i would not be able to do it. Thought maybe i was not prepared for it.

Sometimes its just hard to make yourself do something you fear doing or you really don’t want to do. Whether its doing as small as cleaning your room or that big thing you hate doing at work.

In these situations we make ourselves believe things we don’t want to do are unnecessary anyway or simply fooling around just feels better than working (unfortunately in the short term).

Take a closer look

Do you value your work? Would there be any consequences of not doing them. Would there be someone who would work on your tasks?

If you cant handle do any of the above them better DO IT. Or just don’t waste time on things that you hate unless they are crucial. But surprisingly most of the time the things we don’t want to do or we are afraid of – aren’t really hard tasks.

We know they are something that can be worked upon or we know its work we’ll like once we get started but we can’t help sitting afraid & kind of paralyzed because we fear we can’t do it.

It comes across daunting to us or we feel its big. Sometimes path to success is not clearly visible. So freaking out isn’t going to help! Also we cringe, we freak resulting in wasting more time. If you waste time and energy like this it will be even more impossible to catch up. What you can definitely do is start fresh and let go of all previous lack of interest.

You will notice all the excuses you give aren’t really true by the way! Even if it is true why cant you just see this as a opportunity to learn and improve yourself rather than a threat?

Get Started

Once you do away with all these thoughts, it will be easier to start. Key takeaways :

  • Stop freaking out. Nobody is going to kill you for not making the perfect start. Just start somewhere.
  • Write few sentences describing the goal to yourself. Also write down all major things that need to be done.
  • Now start breaking down those points into smaller pieces.
  • Go through them all and pick the piece that looks easiest to do right now.
  • You’ve started! The hardest part is over, pat yourself on the back.
  • Repeat the process: keep picking the small pieces off that list and doing them.
  • Build on your progress and keeping working on it till its over.
  • Cheers!! Task completed.


You have set an example for yourself! Remember how well you did it this time and apply same techniques for the next time. Remind yourself that if you could do it this time you can do it again.


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