HRStop’s New Enhancements – End Of October 2014

HRStop is always working on bringing new enhancements for its clients and every time there is someone who is working from the HRStop team to make the system simple, enhanced and updated for its users. Till the end of October from September 2014, the following enhancements are provided to the clients -

Leave Workflows/ Enhancements

Automate your company’s leave policies and stay informed
Leave Approval Workflow: Setup your leave approval processes; define the minimum designation/ employee band to be able to approve/ forward employee leave or configure rules allowing HR department to approve / forward leaves. Peer Acknowledgement : The system allows you to request your peers to take care of your responsibilities during your absence and the same can be acknowledged to the managers. Work From Home/ On Duty: Employees would be able to apply for Work from Home/ On Duty from Main > Leaves. Respective reporting managers/ admins would be able to approve/ reject their requests. Once approved, the system will show a clear demarcation of this in Attendance sheets. Also, no salary would be deducted for this when the payroll is processed. Miscellaneous : New Leave attributes added so that you have more options to define the leave Categories as per your leave policy. Request Credits Allow employees to request for leave credits for any extra days they have worked for. *Apply leaves in bulk for employees. This option is available to admins only. Note: Company admin need to enable the Workflows and Work from Home/ On Duty options from Control Panel > Settings > Modules to be able to use the above features

Expense Reports

Set limitations to amount an employee can raise agianst an expense category
Option to impose limits/ rules on Expense Categories/ Sub Categories for various employee levels. This will be required when you want to impose expense limits for employees so that they can not raise expenses for certain categories above the defined limits. e.g. Employees belonging to a certain Band can raise a maximum expense of INR 10,000 per annum for Mobile Bills. Expense payouts A new option introduced that will allow you to pay your employees ( for the expenses they have raised) in the middle of the month without running the payroll.


More compliance and analytical reports to stay compliant and take decisions faster
Option to define the CTC components in employee salary template has been added. These are those components which are Cost to Company but are not part of Payslips. e.g. LIC Premiums/ sudexo coupons. Option to configure currency as per your country. More compliance reports. Define employee arrears Option to manually adjust taxes for previous months. Lock/ Unlock taxes for specific months Detailed report at ESS (Employee Panel) to enable them view their taxes deducted in specific month and the projected taxes for upcoming months

Mobile App

Be Mobile – Manage your account uisng HRStop anroid app
Option to punch attendance/ apply leave/ approve leave/ update profile , etc - Whenever an employee punches attendance using mobile, we also save his Geo location and show that to the employer Mobile app also allows you to send birthday/ work anniversary wishes to your peers.


Attendance Exceptions at Department/ Designation/ Employee levels introduced
Configure attendance exceptions so that only a set of people are able to punch attendance using Mobile/ Web platforms. Also, option to configure exceptions for the CXOs so that they don’t have to punch attendance to be marked as present for the day. Request Attendance This feature allows company employees to request for attendance in case they forget to punch in the attendance for any specific date. This request can be approved by either the concerned reporting manager or company admin. Once approved, the system automatically marks the employee present for the day. Request Punch This feature allows employee to request for any punch he missed during the day. Justify This option allows employee to justify himself in case he is coming late to office or leaving early for the day. Admins have been provided with the options to delete attendance, reset attendance and recalculate attendance.

Performance Management

Goal reviews/ SMART ratings introduced (in Beta)
Goal settings has already been released under Beta. You shall be able to check that at

Available actions :

  • Managers/ Admins would be able to set Goals for employees for their measurable KPIs.
  • Managers/ Admins would be able to trigger Goal Reviews for employees
  • Reporting Managers would be able to give their reviews for Goal Reviews triggered for employees reporting to them.
  • While triggering Performance Reviews for employees for any period, you will be able to add analysis of Goal Reviews during this period.
  • During any Performance Review, managers would be shown the Goal Review analysis for that duration.

Miscellaneous Changes

Locations Multi locations/ branches introduced so that you can configure your employees’/ holidays as per the location. More fields added to employee profile.
Bank Details – option to define branch Address and IFSC code. * Password strength meter added to allow employees create stronger passwords.
New reports introduced - Bradford report, Leave Analysis, Leave Balance reports
More Bulk upload via CSV options at multiple places
Company Letters : This option facilitate employees/ managers/ admins to generate company letters like Address Proof, Appraisal letters, Appointment letter, etc on the fly as per their company format
Export Data - Export data to PDFs/ CSV added
Print Data - Option to sent data for printing using keyboard shortcut – Ctrl +P

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