Set limitations on expense reports by employee’s – HRStop

HRStop enables its users to enable the Expense Module by giving option to also enable some selected columns for easing out the need of different companies on different requirement. These columns can impose limits on employees for raising request  expenses based on different Limits entitled to employees based on the Bands in which they fall, employees can also raise expenses defining the Company Name against which the expense was made and there is also an option where employees can fill an amount and also can fill Claimed Amount, where the manager can approve the claimed amount in case the amount value is felt too high. The options with the help of which the admins can impose limitations are mentioned below -

  •  Category - Selecting category will enable the category option in employees portal. The category’s come predefined for the employees while applying for expense. The categories are defined by the company admin and while defining categories one can also define sub categories under a category by making main category as parent category of sub categories. There is a sub option with Category i.e of - 
  Do you want to impose limits ? 

When admin enables the setting then there are 2 ways on which you can impose limits on categories -   Amount   Units , Selecting anyone of these option will impose the corresponding limit on category’s, on the basis of which employees will have restrictions.

When the limits setting is enabled, then at the time of defining categories and sub- categories admins will also see an option of defining limits on the basis of both Amount and Units, and the setting which is enabled for limits(Amount/Units) will be imposed accordingly. While defining the categories, and defining limits admins will have to fill some values for limits.

  • Customer - When admin enables this setting, then a  ‘Customer’ column will appear for employees while creating and raising a new expense report in employee panel, this will allow employees to specify/ mention the customer name for whom the expenses were raised.
  • Claimed Amount - When admin enables this setting, then a ‘Claimed Amount’ column will appear along with the usual ’Expense Amount’ for employees while creating and raising a new expense report from employees portal, this will allow employees to fill the Expense Amount(expense that actually happened) and also the Claimed Amount(Amount employee actually wants to claim).

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