Upcoming Features in HRStop

  • Performance Management System-

Performance management is a tough job for any company if they don’t have an effective tool to manage it. For companies of any size it is very important to monitor the performance of the employees because their performance directly affects the performance of the organization.

We the HRStop Team understand how important it is for any organization to manage the performance of the employees; hence we have added Performance Management System in HRStop, Best Online HR Management System. So now apart from managing Employee database, payroll, leaves, attendance, expenses, assets, training, recruitment, and etc companies would be able to manage the performance of its employees.

With the Performance Management System the Employer would be able to Add KPI’s and KRA’s and assign them to the employees on individual level or on the basis of the designation or on the basis of the department. Then whenever the employer wants to have a performance review he/she can trigger performance review, select the employees whom he wants to be review and the employees who would be reviewing him. On the basis of the reviews and the points given by each reviewer for every KPI and KRA an average would be taken and on the basis of that the performance will be reviewed.


  • Mobile Application for Android-

HR Management would become much easier and simpler with our upcoming mobile application for android. With our mobile application employees would be able to apply for leaves, mark his/her attendance, view their profile and update it, the reporting manager can approve the leaves of the employees and etc.
So you need not worry if you do not have access to the system and you have some important HR task to perform, just take out your smart phone, open the HRStop app and perform your task.
HR Management would not have been this simple and smart earlier.

Mobile application for Windows phone and IOS would be launched soon.

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