Why am i missing deadlines?

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Being good at your work and generating results is one thing and timely delivery of work is another. Completing tasks on time is one of the biggest factors of success for an organization. But delivery work on time is a demanding activity. In modern world, any delay or error can be detrimental to one’s career. Being good at your job is not enough. In today’s world it so happens that you tend to miss a deadline now and then. But if you are regularly blowing deadlines, there’s a problem that you need to address – before it causes harm to your job or career.





So what are the common things which add up to delaying the deliverables:

You don’t analyze work before taking it up

One of the major reasons people miss deadlines is because they over promise and under deliver. Usually what happens is you say yes to an assignment without understanding how much time it will involve. And even without understanding how much work you currently have.

You don’t have clarity

Another major reason why most people miss dealines is that you don’t have good clarity about what you have been asked to do. Because of this lack of clarity, you often don’t know what the task is all about and get confused. And when you have other significant things to do along with this new task, you tend to only do things that you are clear about.

You overwork

Sometimes people also tend to overwork in order to perfect it in every sense. This trait which people have sometimes makes it hard for them to let go they have been taught for ages that perfection is most important. If by any chance they don’t  work up to a standard they feel they are not good at their job. In this urge of seeking perfection they delay the work to a great extent. Therefore it is hard for them to let go of this trait.

You unknowingly delay things

Many times unknowingly we delay things. Believing that keeping the issues open till the last minute will get us to the best possible solutions is a totally wrong approach. It does not lead you to better decisions rather further delays your submission of your tasks.  Ensuring from the start that you are on track in terms of timeliness helps improve your skills also makes you stress free. By this you have enough time to devote to other less significant aspects of your tasks.

You are not organized

If you don’t work in an organized manner you are bound to delay the delivery of your assignments. Being organized not only helps you in timely delivery of the tasks assigned to you but they also help in creating a stress free environment for you at your workplace.

You don’t take help even when you need it

Its simple – When stuck, take help!  Most of the times employees think that they can work on the task on their own and others help is not needed. But you must understand that taking timely action is very important. If you think unnecessary delays can be avoided then surely get others on board early on.


What to do?

Understand that not every task or assignment needs equal attention. Try to differentiate between big and small tasks. Thereafter give them the attention they need on the basis of their importance, impact and eventual outcome. The trait that always delays work is the desire to try and solve everything in the universe on our own. In the corporate world you do not have the luxury of time nor access to unlimited funds to learn something by mistakes. And if you happen to be in a startup company, both time and money are even rare commodities.
Don’t worry about being successful all the time; it’s neither practical nor possible.

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