Why Global Team Experience is Important?

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Today in this era of globalization, having global team experiences is becoming an important aspect in going up the ladder in this corporate world. Now the question arises why such an experience is important. Are the Grades and the knowledge not sufficient?

Let us first talk about why team experiences are considered important in the corporate world. Every organization in this world works in teams. Within an organization there are different teams to look after different operations. When working in a team the team bonding is very important.

  • Synergy- Synergies between teams play an important part in the organizational department. Suppose in an organization the marketing team is not aware about the changes the product development team has made in the product, how will the marketing team function to market the new product? Here a good synergy between teams comes into play.
  • Working in a team is not in the human nature because when you work in a team you need to lower down your ego, you need to make sacrifice, you need to forgive people easily and this is something that is against the human nature.
  • Accountability- It is necessary for every individual to be accountable for the team. People get defensive when held accountable for their work even though accountability is an important aspect of team work.
  • All this plays an important role in the growth of an organization. Even ego issues between two individual in an organization hampers the growth of the organization. Team work is something you do not learn by reading, you learn by experiencing it and this makes team experiences been considered to be an important part in the corporate world.
  • Cultural Issues- Working in a global team is something more challenging. Apart from the normal team issues, the major issue to be fought is the cultural issue. For any individual it is difficult to adapt different culture. Suppose an Indian Brahmin has to work in a team where there are people from different countries who eat snakes, crabs, etc and he has to have a team dinner with them. Will he be comfortable in having his dinner? The answer to it is a simple, NO. It has been analyzed that people quit their job because they cannot adapt a different culture. These people might have been the toppers of their Universities, might have the best knowledge about the work but only because they cannot adapt to a different culture they fail to go up the ladder. The experience one gets while working in a global team is really intense and that intense experience is something which the companies in today’s world are looking for.
  • A global team experience is something that the corporate world today looks for as they know the value of this intense experience. Individuals with such experiences are highly preferred because an investment in induction and training of these individuals is more profitable to the organization. Hence, Global team experience has become an important aspect in the 21st Century.


Your talent and potential is a waste for an organization if you don’t know how to work in a team”


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